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Public relations and Pr campaignsWe appreciate that sometimes,

public relations

can be a difficult concept to explain.

It's not advertising, it's not marketing but it crosses over into both of these areas on occasions.

What we like to do through our PR campaigns is a range of important activities which help raise your profile and your brand, protect it when it's needed, fight your corner if it's required and ensure that you and your business hit your target markets each and every time.

Sometimes you might just need brand awareness in your local area or region because that's where your customer base is or you may have a national –or international – story to tell.

We take a good look at your needs and your aims and we target our PR accordingly. It's not for nothing that we'll say in our proposals that what we're offering is a template from which we work – that's because we are constantly and proactively looking for new and relevant opportunities for our clients.

That's how we got one of our beauty clients an outlet in Harrods (and a feature in Vogue), how we got a leading hotel a spot on television and another a ten page spread in a leading national magazine.

It's how we got one of our social care sector clients a front cover picture story in Community Care magazine and established a whole host of others as experts in their field so that the media know who to come to for a comment.

We listen to what you have to say and then give you our expert guidance with a campaign written especially with you in mind.

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